The Path to Profitability

The Path to Profitability is the first program of its kind and a brand new approach to holistic business accounting and finance.

1. Financial Systems Review

The Starting point for all Clients

Our 3-step program starts with a Financial System Review, this review of your current system and processes is done in a day and gives us an idea of what issues and pain points you are facing and what will be needed to get you on the right track.

This includes an introduction to the Profit First Systems, and a quick analysis of your current Profit First Standings.

One-time Investment of $500

We audit-proof your QuickBooks account

Financial Systems Review Process


Onboarding Call

This call will be held at the beginning of the service, after I have access to your current software/excel sheets (either that morning or the night before) to review any questions I have regarding your systems and how you’re utilizing them.

We will discuss what your goals and needs are financially and cover what your current pain points are with your current system.


Full Review

The current financial software, spreadsheets, and other various websites being utilized for tracking and/or reporting your business financials.


Developing Recommendations

After reviewing your current setup, I will make professional recommendations regarding next steps. These recommendations can include:

  • Tips for improving your tracking (with your current system and potentially QuickBooks)
  • Tips for managing your finances including your spending, pricing, marketing, savings, etc.
  • Help you set targets/goals to implement the next stage in your Financial Systems (This could be suggestions including upgrading software, hiring a bookkeeper, etc.)


Consultation Call

This call will be held at the end of the service after I have reviewed everything, (either the afternoon of the review or the morning after).

The focus of this call will be to provide you with a professional recommendation regarding QuickBooks Software, the services we provide and what benefits are associated with those services.

It can also include recommendations based on your current system.

We audit-proof your QuickBooks account

2. Clean Up of QuickBooks File

An Audit-Proof System

In this step we will take a week or two (the length of time depending on the state of your books) and correct any errors and make the adjustments recommended as part of your Financial Systems Review.

We review the account details to we make sure that we move the transactions to the correct accounts and the account balances are tied to a verifiable number some where outside of QuickBooks.

Basically, we Audit Proof your system.

Investment: Varies

Your $500 for the Financial System Review acts as a down payment towards this service and will reduce your cost.

3. Monthly Service Package

Continue on the right path

The third and final step on the Path to Profitability is to enter our monthly coaching and
bookkeeping program the Profit Power-Up!

Pricing for the Profit Power-Up monthly program starts at $625 a month. Get hands-on training and accounting services that help you understand your financials, show you how your business can grow, allow you to do what you love without guilt, gain peace of
mind, and allow you to breathe again!


Financial Coaching in Springfield MO