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MLP Accounting & Consulting, LLC is a different kind of accounting firm! We pride ourselves on making sure our clients leave our office feeling less stressed about their financial situation and empowered to run their business effectively and efficiently. Gone are the days of leaving your accountant’s office more confused than when you entered. Gone are the nights and weekends of data entry trying to catch up on your accounting only to find that something was wrong with the reports, and you still have no idea how much you made last month. We “audit proof” your accounting system and make it easy to track your financials as part of their day-to-day business functions, and educate and impower you utilize your financial reports to increase your profits and grow your business. We also put systems in place to “disaster proof” your business, so that your business can sustain recessions, pandemics, or natural disasters with relatively little disruption.

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“Change is inevitable, Growth is optional”

John C Maxwell

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Organizations and Accreditations

We know accountability is important to you, so we are proud to show you who holds us accountable and where we get our knowledge from.