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In our years of working as an accountant and bookkeeper we have found that there are 2 main reasons that people seek out our help, both are externally motivated.


Starting around November continuing through early March of any given year we tend to see an uptick in clients coming to us, usually with a shoebox or grocery bag full of receipts, saying I need to get my books done so I can get my taxes filed.


Though less common than the Tax reason the second most popular reason for seeking a bookkeeper is because they are trying to get a loan, whether it is a business loan, personal loan, or a home loan it doesn’t matter, the lender is asking for Financial Statements and the client doesn’t have them, so they come to us.

We want to change this, because there is a third and more important reason for a business owner to have good bookkeeping and that is to be aware of the financial status or health of the business.

According to the SBA:  50% of all businesses fail in the first 5 years and of that 50%, 82% are due to cash flow issues. The main reason small businesses fail is money issues. And while I don’t have statistics to prove that this is because of a lack of Bookkeeping, statistics do tell us that for 95% of business owners accounting or bookkeeping is their most dreaded task. As such they tend to avoid it and put it off until they are forced to deal with it.

Many say that it is like a black cloud hanging over their heads, something they know they should be dealing with but they just don’t know how. 

This is where we come in, we help create systems that make your bookkeeping part of your day to day business, not an extra step. We provide education and coaching that help you understand your financials so whether you are dealing with us, a tax preparer, a lender or any other financial professional; you will feel confident and in charge of your books.

Be confident in your accounting

Lydia came to my rescue at just the right time! I recently started my home-based business and had all of my receipts and invoices practically in a shoebox!

She took the load off of my hands by organizing and then inputting everything into an excel document for me. She didn’t judge me nor did she criticize me, she just extended a helping hand, which I GREATLY appreciated! Not to mention she was extremely polite, respectful and courteous!

I highly recommend her to help you get your business off on the right foot!”

— Kaylee

Profit-First Professionals

The profit-first philosophy is based around paying the owner (yourself!) first.

We help you set goals and offer ways to alter your business spending behavior to achieve a reliable income. The best part is that it doesn’t take months or years to implement. You can take the steps to ditch unreliable paychecks in a day.

Certified Profit First Professional in Springfield MO


Our practice caters solely to clients using QuickBooks, while we understand there are other options for software out there, some are even cheaper, we feel that QuickBooks is the #1 accounting software in the world for a reason. And they have the longevity to assure us that they will take care of our customers and be here for the long haul.

Consolidate Your Client Processes

Reduce your time creating estimates, invoices, and collecting payment

Simplify Your Expense Tracking

Easily capture receipts on your phone and associate them with an expense

Automatic Mileage Tracking

Track your employees mileage within the app or add trips manually

A business women looks down at her tablet

With QuickBooks you can enter your products and services and create estimates very quickly and efficiently.

Once the client approves the estimate, with the touch of a button you can turn that estimate into an invoice. QBO allows you to even Bill a portion of the estimate, you can bill by line, by percentage etc. and the best thing it remembers how much has been billed and how much is left!

You can then email to the client with a link for them to pay via credit card or ACH. When the payment processes it is automatically applied to the open invoice and a deposit is created in your bank register. Oh, and since you are sending the invoice directly from the system, it tells you when it was sent and when the client viewed it (no more “I never got the invoice”). This is just one example.

On the expense side we can connect QBO to your bank feed and pull all your transactions into QuickBooks, rules and automation make it simple to apply them to your expenses. We can also take pictures of your receipt and have it read the receipt for you and then connect to the expense.

All of this is feeding directly into your reports so at any time throughout the month you can pull up a report and see where your numbers are.

Essentially it reduces redundancy and creates an easy simplified process for the client to manage everything all in one place. Did I mention we also have a mileage tracker built in?!

Based on all the facts QuickBooks has the most features and the best support system and we want only the best for our clients.

We start each client out with
our proven onboarding process...

The Path to Profitability

Full Service Monthly Packages


  1. Looking into what your needs are with the Financial Systems Review and;
  2. Getting your QuickBooks into tip top shape or setting up your QuickBooks software;
  3. You can choose from the following accounting maintenance, support, and coaching packages.

Add Ons

Full Service Payroll

All of payroll off your plate


Protect your employees


Save for the Future

Full Service Payroll


  • Cloud-Based Payroll Software with 24/7 access for business owners and Employees ($50 value)
  • Management Approval prior to processing
  • Manage payroll and imports into accounting software
  • Prepare Quarterly/Monthly Federal and State Tax returns
  • Manage Payroll Tax Payments
  • Prepare annual Form 1099‐1096
  • Prepare annual form W2
  • NO LATE FEE Guarantee


Protect Your Employees

Tax savings for you and your employees.

Set up a Healthcare Reimbursement Account and Reimburse your employees for their medical expenses instead of Insurance.


Save for the future

We work with local agents to help you save for retirement with as little as $25 down and $25 a month.