Who We Are

Our mission is to set small business owners on the Path to Profitability

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Our Mission

Our mission is to set small business owners on the Path to Profitability. Eliminate the stress of financial worries for small business owners and assist them in creating the work/life balance they have been dreaming of.

Our Values

Our values are honesty and integrity, hard work and efficiency, and fairness and balance.

Honesty and Integrity
Means telling the truth even if it hurts, we can’t help you if we don’t know all the details of the situation. We also don’t play in the gray areas of the law, we err on the side of caution and will usually follow a stricter interpretation of the law to insure our clients are less likely to have to defend our decisions in court. This also means we do not bend our ethics for anyone, if you want to bend the law or play in those gray areas we are not the firm for you.

Hard Work and Efficiency
We work hard but if we can work smarter not harder we will. We are a 21st century firm and as such implement technology to our fullest advantage. We do attempt to ascertain the best and most efficient product to use and not just use technology for technologies sake. Additionally we seek to become more affective at our tasks and streamline our processes to reduce the time you wait to receive the information you need to run your business.

Fairness and Balance
We treat our staff fairly and equitably and expect you to do the same. Part of our mission is to ensure work/life balance for our clients and we seek to achieve that in our own practice as well.. Studies have shown that working long hours actually makes us less productive in the long run. So we make sure that we staff our office with the right amount of people so that all of our work gets done without pushing our staff to their breaking point. We do our best to insure that our systems and efficiency protect our clients so their service is never effected by any emergencies that may arise. However, just like all of you, we are human we have families and we can’t foresee every contingency. And we will never force our staff to make the choice between family or clients. Family comes first every time.

Our History

MLP Accounting & Consulting, LLC was founded by Lydia Paasch in 2016 as MLP Consulting & Design, LLC, to fulfill the dream of creating a family business that would incorporate both Matt and Lydia’s talents of Accounting and Graphic Design for small business owners. Lydia, initially started out on her own providing support and bookkeeping to small business owners in the Springfield, MO region and across the nation utilizing QuickBooks . The company grew rapidly and by the end of 2019 Lydia had an additional four staff members assisting her manage the clients books. When 2020 and the pandemic hit they were very grateful to be already running a remote office as that put them ahead of the curve. Though they did lose a few clients early on in the year, Lydia saw this as an opportunity to focus on streamlining their services to expand in an area that she felt the accounting community was underserving, namely financial education. It was at this time that she created the Path to Profitability, and built the services packages to include a strong educational component so that her clients would no longer feel overwhelmed and confused by their financials but be empowered and confident and they could make wise, educated decisions based on the reality of what was happening in their business. As they grew and became more targeted in their services it became obvious that the combined name was confusing to potential clients. So at the end of 2020 Lydia renamed the business to MLP Accounting & Consulting, LLC and Matt created MLP Graphic Design, LLC to better clarify their identities. We look forward to what the future will hold under this new identity.

Contact Us

2733 E Battlefield Rd
Springfield, MO 65803

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